νικοδημου μυλωνα
λευκωσια κυπρος

Medical Center in Nicosia, Cyprus
Cosmetic Dermatologist

Urologist- Andrologist

Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist

Bespoke diet plans,evidence-based dietary advice and structured education provision.Specialist areas include:Diabetes management(type 1,type 2,gestational),weight management,cardiovascular disease,gastrointestinal disorders,behaviour change and developing a healthy relationship with food.


ENT specialist

Remedial massage

Naturopath, Homeopath

Natural holistic methods
Clinical Psychology

Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychological Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, Nocturnal Enuresis in children, etc.
Chest physician

Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases
General Practicioner – specialist in family medicine

Examination and treatment of patients with a wide range of conditions
Physician- Rheumatologist

Performance and interpretarion of diagnostic tests, Diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases
Cardiology services

Examination, treatment and monitoring of the cardiovascular system

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